Tutorial: Mens button-up shirt to boys

Hello friends! I feel as though I have fallen off the face of the earth the last few weeks, my instagram feed and facebook posts have been lacking lately. Its amazing how much news I gather from those sources and it really feels isolating when I'm not on them much, funny isn't it? I didn't use them my whole life and was fine but now...Anyways I digress, on to the post ;0)

I am going to show you how I resize a mens shirt to fit a boy! I don't know about you but between my husband and brothers I have a lot of shirts I can use to re-purpose for my boys. Which I not only like to do but it also saves money and helps the environment...somehow, I'm sure :0)

 Remeber the shirt I made Broc? Well Here is what I did to resize it and turn it into a boys shirt!
You'll only need a few basics to do this:
Sewing machine
Your child or whoever you are fitting it to

 First I cut along the side seams of the shirt starting at the hem and go up to through the hem of the sleeves. Then you need to try the shirt on inside out on your child.

I like to start with the shoulder where it meets the sleeve and pin where it fits good. remember to add seam allowance 1/2" is usually a good amount :0) I kind of forgot on this shirt and had to redo it so learn from my mistake ;0)

 Then  following your pins sew along the sleeve/shoulder seam.

 Try it on the shirt and make any adjustments necessary before cutting off the excess fabric and re-fit if needed.

  Now pin up the sides starting at the sleeve and down to the hem. Pin it so it fits a little loose, making sure to sew along your pin line.

Sorry I don't have a picture of this step.
Now hem the bottom of the shirt so it is the right length, try it on and cut where needed. Be sure to add an inch to whatever length you deiced. Now fold over half an inch, iron, fold another 1/2" iron then sew. Try the shirt on and see if it fits and if you need to shorten the sleeves, sometimes you don't need to but check it to be sure.

Put the shirt on and look at how nicely it fits!

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