SewBoy Features for August!!

Its time to see those boy tutorials! I have been doing this for a few years now and if you go to the SewBoy page you will find hundreds of boy tutorials! Its nice to have them all right where I need them when I'm looking for something to make :0)

These are my latest pins in SewBoy on pinterest:
 Images sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Here are the rest of the SewBoy features:
my boys would love this! make a DIY leather deck holder for Pokemon or Magic cards - great gift for tweens!
 These pocket holders for Pokemon (or other collector cards) are such a great idea! My boys are all over their cards and this is a perfect idea, go here for the tutorial.

I'm in love with this real map, kids will absolutely love this and its easy to make-bonus! Go here for the tutorial!

This is a great list of quiet book pages ideas! My boys still love these types of books so you can't go wrong making some for any age :0) Check it out here!

upcycled tshirt shorts
This is a great tutorial on how to upcycle shirts into shorts, check it out!

I LOVE this idea! It looks so easy and I like the look of it so much! go here to see how to make a wallet out of an old shirt sleeve :0)

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