Uniform for Carter

I'm back! We decided to take a Summer break and now I have so much to share and do! 
One thing I meant to share much sooner was this uniform I made Carter, he turned 8 this Spring and with that he also started cub-scouts, hence he was in need of a uniform.

Carter needed a uniform to participate in many of the badges to pass them off and, as much as I hate to say this part because it sounds like I am playing a pity party, we didn't have the money to spend on a uniform. I have been looking for a used one high and low for a year but simply haven't found one! So in desperation I decided to make him one.

I am going to share all the details of making it so if are in the same situation (with any type of uniform) you too can make your own!

To start I looked very closely at what I needed to do according to pictures online and at the other boys uniforms. I found that this pattern (affiliate link) was a great match to the type of shirt I needed. Also I had made it already and so it was easy to do. Alternatively my button-up shirt tutorial would have also been a perfect match and you can make it exactly the size you need.

For the pattern I used I made it 2-3 sizes bigger since I need it to fit for 3 years. I also made the hem straight instead of on a curve. I lengthened the sleeves and made cuffs for the hem. For the pockets I made two instead of one and made a mock flap by sewing a triangle shape and sewed it on top with a button but I didn't make it a working button, too many button-holes, lol!
For them name of his organization (above the pocket) I actually was able to use an existing shirts tag even though the shirt itself was no longer usable I was able to salvage that.

By going to the site where our uniforms are sold I was able to see if they sold any patches that are required and they did! Luckily though I did have some extra from Broc so I didn't actually need to buy them ;0)

I reinforced all the seams since I want this shirt to last. I then sewed on all the patches he needed.

It was a process but I love how it turned out and it when he is through it will become a keepsake that will mean more since I made it!

I love this silly boy of mine! 
That's everything I did! If you have any questions feel free to ask by email or in the comments :0)

*I read a lot of info on doing this myself I didn't want to be in trouble for copyright issues and as far as I could tell it was fine as long as it is used for only that particular organization, if you are wanting to make your own for a different one you will need to check their policy's.*

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