Classic Oxford Shirt

You guys, I am so excited about this shirt! Really, really excited, like jumping up and down and squealing excited! I made this shirt and I can't believe it!

 Preston had Cowboy day at school last week. I was thrilled when I realized that I not only had a good pattern but I also (by some miracle) had fabric that was perfect for a Cowboy day!

  Preston wasn't too happy about the shirt that morning and was kind of difficult to deal with. Looking back I can see that he was embarrassed by all the attention I was giving him over his shirt and was nervous for the up-coming activities that day.

Sometimes I forget that being, almost, six is hard. There is a lot of uncertainty in Kindergarten with questions like, "Is there really a vampire that will grab you if you go past the fence?" "Will my word-time-machine take me away from my family...forever?" "Will my pretend Robot win the pretend Robot battle at recess?" Those are the questions of life that consume a six-year-old boys mind.

 Preston was happy that there was a pocket so he can put his treasures (meaning bugs) inside. After finding that out he was much better to deal with, lol!

 I was careful to put the singing cowboy on the pocket and did some tricky cutting to get it exactly where I wanted it ;0)

 I am so impressed with this pattern! Look at how well the inner collar turned out? After I read through the directions I went ahead and made the shirt without making a muslin first, sometimes that is risky but in this case it worked perfectly.

  I never in 100 years thought I would be capable of making a shirt this nice! It honestly is better made than my boys church shirts that are store bought. For years my standard of a good sewing job was to compare to store bought but now I realize how cheaply made most of those items are.

There is even a pleat and yoke in the back! I am seriously so pleased with the outcome of this shirt and I already have an idea of others I want to make :0)
Pattern details: I used peek-a-boo patterns Classic Oxford button-Up shirt pattern which starts at 3 months and goes up to 12 years. Preston's chest was measuring between the 4T-5T but in length he needed a 6. After looking at pictures and reading it was a slim fit shirt I went ahead and made a 6 without any changes, I think that the fit turned out perfect. I am so pleased that this shirt goes up to a 12 my two older boys have outgrown some of my favorite pattern makers and peek-a-boo patterns size range is a major bonus!
The only part I had a lot of trouble with was the way the directions have you do the pocket I could not figure it out (ok so I read it a few times and tried once) but that is really a small detail and I just did it my own way. I had to read how they did the yoke a few times but it is worth the extra time to figure it out, it really makes it look nice the way the pattern has you do it!

The fabric is from Michael Miller and here is some on amazon if you are looking for some.

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