Hollister shirt

Its Kid's Clothes week starting today! from the 22-28 the goal is to sew for your kids for 1 hour every day. I've participated a few times but rarley for the whole week due to my, ahem, kids haha! We'll see what happens this time ;0)

Broc is in need of clothing the most, it seems, I guess that's what happens when you are the oldest child! First for clothing, first to ride a bike, first for getting in trouble and the first child we get to experiment learn from. Hopefully we don't mess him too bad ;-)

I have clothing planned to sew for the other boys but Broc grows so quickly and is tall for his age. The other boys can wear things twice as long and end up with quite a bit of hand me downs so their need isn't as great. Yes I'm rambling. I'm trying to justify making more for this boy lately, lol!

The shirt is an old one from my youngest brother, I resized it for Broc so he could wear something "cool" (aka: anything from Uncle Robert).

I used the Flashback skinny tee with a few adjustments. I did the 9/10 size but added 1/2 inch on both sides as well as the sleeves. I felt that the tighter fit didn't look right on Broc. I know now I prefer the looser/tighter fit for his shirts and will be doing this change from here on out.

I did not re-size the neck and as you can see the fit is perfect! I fiddled and adjusted until I had the neckline just where I needed it to be so I wouldn't loose any of the name "Hollister" on the front.
It was a quick project that took me all of 15 minutes... give or take a few ;-)