2 for the Baja

 Day 2 kid's clothes week and I (miraculously) made two things!

Broc saw this shirt from Uncle Robert and loved it so I made it fit him ( I used the same measurements as this one) and now he thinks he is a pretty cool kid ;0)

As soon as this button-up shirt was done Broc put it on and said "I always will wear these together from now on!"  I have to admit I was pretty surprised by that statement. He has never said or acted like he cares what he wears before but he really liked the Baja T-shirt layered with the button-up shirt

He is growing up and actually starting to get his own sense of style. Notice the shorts and how well they match? *insert eye roll* He felt good about the clothing I made today which makes me happy and want to sew more for him! A win win :0)

Ps. I got a new camera, Yay! I will be hopefully getting to know it better soon :0)