Tutorial Tuesday: Adjustable Waistband

It is Tuesday which means I am going to share a tutorial, also known as Tutorial Tuesday!

For today's tutorial I am going to show you how to make an adjustable waistband for shorts or pants that do not have one. It is very easy and anyone can do it; even if you can only sew straight lines you can do this!

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What you'll need:
Elastic, either button-hole or knit 
Sewing machine and thread

First off we will be putting the bias tape and elastic from pocket or side seam on one side to the other pocket or side seam on the other side. so start by measuring from side to side and cut your bias tape accordingly, making sure to add about 1" extra.

Fold the ends under like so so the raw edge will not be out; or don't because when using bias tape it will not fray much because of the way it is cut, its completely up to you ;0)

Take your bias-tape and pin on the inside of the waistband, starting at the pocket or side seam (it doesn't really matter) all around the back side to the other side. You'll want to center it on the waistband as best you can.

Now if your shorts/pants have belt loops and you want to be able to use them, unpick the seam at the top of the waistband.

Then fold back and pin out of the way.

We will be sewing right on the edge of the bias tape.

Sew all along one side of the biastape and then sew the other side making sure to leave the ends open.

Now if you did not buy or have button-hole elastic we will go ahead and make some!
You will need Knit elastic to do this. The way it is weaved will make it so it will not unravel.

Taking your seam ripper cut, in between the lines, little button holes. I did mine about 3/8" long and did them about a 1/2" apart. do this all along the length of your elastic. It should be measured 2-3" longer than the bias tape you measured earlier.

Place a safety pin in one end and thread through the casing you made from the bias-tape.
Add a button at each end of the casing (about 1/2" away from the end of the bais-tape) and pull the elastic button-holes on the buttons! Use them just like you would sore bought adjustable pants!
*If you want to stabilize the elastic so it doesn't get pulled out, sew one seam in the middle through the elastic so it will stay in place.*

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Now you can add an adjustable waist in minutes to any pair of pants and it will look professional!