Piano Bag tutorial

Broc is taking piano lessons and last weekend I finally made him a bag to carry all of his books. It only took me two years to do it but at least we now have a place to keep his books! I used some cute music fabric my sister-in-law gave me so we all remember what the bag is for ;0)

Bags are very easy to make and they are nice to have around for a pool bag, book bag or a laundry bag. There are so many things you can use a bag for! I particularly like this pocket on the front. Its where we keep the pencil for Broc's theory book (we never seem to have one when he needs it) and a small pocket for notes for his teacher. It really has made getting ready for lessons a lot easier and I'm not sure why I didn't do it sooner!

Its the perfect size and we love it!

Yes I know its not Broc (I didn't completely forget who my kids are, lol!) but I could not find that silly boy for pictures so I used Carter instead, whatever works right? ;0) The handle is perfect for their little hands and I like that it is black to hide the dirt smears that I'm sure it will get. They are hard playing boys after all!

Would you like to make one too?
I made a tutorial! I tried a new way let me know if it makes sense!

 Pieces you need to cut out. Measurements are what I used for our books but really any size will work.

For the Bag:

Handle Pieces:

Pocket Piece:

Adding the pocket and handles:

Here is another picture of what I did with the pocket for better reference.

You Are Finished!!! Yay!

Voila! You have a great bag for your piano books,  your library books or as a gift! 

All my boys love it so I might have to make a few more. Have fun sewing!