Valentines shirts

I had plans to make these stenciled and I still will its just not happening until next week unfortunately! I was burning the midnight oil to get these done but the boys were so excited to have a new shirt for the day that I am pleased even if it didn't go exactly like I wanted.

 Three cheesy boys and three shirts. Parker is sleeping so he photos will come later ;0) They were so excited for the shirts but I made the mistake of putting their teacher gifts next to the shirts (so I wouldn't forget them) and they thought the gift was for them, haha! !They took the sad news great but were a bit disappointed. They will get theirs tomorrow so no worries!

 Broc, oh Broc! He is entering that wonderful pre-teen stage where he fits in older sizes but still likes (and needs) the younger style. I made his shirt using my boys shirt tutorial it was much easier to trace last night than to print off a pattern. Plus everyone was a sleep, the printer was too close to the bedrooms, I did not want to wake anyone up! His shirt could be a bit smaller but he grows so fast and I think he'll need the growing room. Besides I don't think I pre-washed the fabric so it will shrink.

 Carters shirt has a baseball tee hem (meaning its curved) you can't tell cause hes poking out his tummy, lol! I have a cute thing I am going to freezer stencil on this shirt but it will be next week. His shirt fits perfectly! I used the same tutorial as Brocs. I had barely enough to squeeze out his shirt and was concerned but it all turned out fine!

I was going to make Preston's but I found his online for $1 so I bought it instead however I will be adding some sleeves because my boys always complain about school being sold and we have a few cold months left.

As for Valentines gifts I bought some cute mini bags of popcorn, had the boys write their names on them and we were done! Already cute with adorable saying on them and it wasn't candy, perfect gift!

What did you have your kids bring for Valentines gifts? I am always looking for great easy ideas ;0)

I hope you all have a Happy Valentines!

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