Shirt refashion

Last year when Parker was a month or two old I found a bunch of clothes on Amazon for really cheap like blue light special kind of cheap. So I bought a few outfits in a bigger size for the coming fall and winter.
 I LOVED this shirt (sorry no before picture) but it had a hood and I did not like that and neither did Parker. I did what any crazy sewing mom would do, I cut off the hood and used it for sleeves.

 No more hood see? Actually even if I couldn't sew I would have cut off the hood and then it have been a no sew project!

 For the record there was barely enough fabric for the sleeves. I had to cut creatively and use seams in my seam for it to work.

Parker was NOT happy that day, the only day with light enough to take a picture, so you get a cranky baby picture with a diaper box and dirty laundry in the background. Don't you love my blog for keeping it real, haha ;0)

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