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Parker is sick, so so sick, with a double ear infection and rsv. Since he is sick and my time is being spent holding, rocking and nursing him, while surfing the web, I have a few things I've come across you might like. If you follow my blog chances are you have boys and even if you have girls I think you'll enjoy these things!
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I laughed when I read this post it is so real! I have said or done everything on her list. Everything. Check it out if you have boys (or very active girls) its entertaining at the very least and truth telling at its best.

List of more than 20 early chapter book series about boys
I have three reading boys in my house now (I can't believe it!) so I am always looking for books about boys. Not that they don't like books about girls but they really enjoy ones about boys. I was pleased with this list its a pretty good list with books I definitely need to check out for them!

Does a distracted mom make an angry mom

I have found myself really struggling of late with being an "Angry mom" after reading this article I was able to see why I am feeling that way. I need to schedule my time and be a more present mom when my kids are home. Its a good read check it out!

I have been following the art of homemaking for years and truly enjoy her posts. They are real, yummy and thought provoking. The author also has three boys and I love that we have that bit in common!

I hope you enjoy these ideas/blogs/things as much as I have and we'll see you soon!

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  1. Ha ha, that is some fun boy stuff. I'm going to look at some of those books for Ezra!


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