Striped Pajamas

While Parker was sick and crying and wanting to be held I decided I needed to make him some new pajamas. Did it make sense? No. I was crazy tired of doing nothing but holding a crying baby, even if he was cute, I needed a break from the monotony of it all and so I made him pajamas!

 Parker's eyes always kill me they are quite expressive and so adorable! Oh and his cheeks! Why are baby cheeks so scrumptious?!You can't tell but he was running a fever and cranky. This was a good moment though and he was so happy to be on my bed! It made it all worth it :0)

I used this free legging pattern for the pants and a flashback skinny tee for the top. Although I really do love this pattern (its free) and it fits very similar to the flashback tee except the neck is different.

I should have stabilized the fish with some interfacing but I didn't so its a bit bumpy. I used orange thread and a tight zigzag to stitch it on, I think the orange really makes it pop out a bit more. I really love the way it all came together!

He's walking now! I can't believe it :( my baby is slowly growing into a toddler, whahaa! 
I have to point out that the stripes in the crotch area are perfectly mis-matched it takes real talent to do that ;0)

One more of the boy in his new pajamas and oh how cute he is! 
Its funny but when I post just pictures of just the clothes I make I get less views but when you put a baby in them, Bam! I get more views not a lot more but I still find it amusing! I guess everyone likes to see clothing on a baby than on my bed, lol!

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