V-Day shirt for Parker

I am planning on making (or semi making) shirts for the boys for Valentines Day. Parker gets the first one and I'll be sewing the other boys this week and most likely posting on Thursday or Friday. If procrastination were a name it would be my first name :0)

Parker is a moving grooving bundle of baby (hes still a baby ok?) and any and all pictures are blurry so we'll pretend that they are supposed to look like that! Really though hes only 13 months and that is still a baby, not a toddler, until 18 months, ok? OK.

 He totally turned his back on me because he was mad about me trying (hopelessly) to get him to hold still, haha! This knit fabric is a dream! I bought it at Walmart for a $1 a yard on a whim thinking it would be awful or something. I should have bought more because its perfectly soft and stretchy without being too stretchy. Moral of the story good knit can come from anywhere!

 There is really not much to say about the pattern it was the flashback skinny tee in the 12 month size and fits great! I cut this one out before Christmas and was worried it wouldn't fit but it all worked outdoes wonderfully!

All done layed out and pretty. In case you wanted a picture with no baby in it....who am I kidding, of course you want a baby in it! 

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