The Charles Pants

In December Marte from Compagnie Patterns contacted me and asked if I would like to try one of her patterns in return for blogging about it. I was so excited by this request and after looking at her patterns I knew immediately I wanted to make the Charles pants!

  Charles pants, shorts and dungarees
The size range of this pattern is from 18 months to 10 years and since I have nothing but boys I knew this pattern would last a long time and be used a lot ;0) Plus the pattern can be regular pants and the cute shorts so it was given I would choose them!

 These do not fit the traditional loose fit that I am used to they are a skinny fit and I really love the way they turned out! I thought Parker was bigger than he is so I made the 18 month size but they are actually quite a bit bigger than he needed (measure twice cut once people!) so they don't fit the way they are supposed to. Even so I am glad he has plenty of room to grow and they will last a bit longer.
 You will want to be sure and follow the measurement chart for each size (especially in the hip area) and adjust accordingly if needed. I was going to give them to my nephew, since they were too big for Parker, but the bum area was too tight so I just shortened the straps and legs for Parker.

  The instructions are good and the pictures clear so following instructions was easy! There are many steps which could overwhelm someone just starting to sew though. So you might want to have a pattern or two under your belt before trying them.

 Parker is a crawling demon of late and getting any pictures was a real challenge! He gets into everything lately and its driving me nuts! Good thing he's cute right?

 Oh and his feet his cute big/little feet are killing me!

  This picture really isn't a great one but I love his little smile and teeth so its here anyways ;0)

Back to the pattern. I really do like this pattern a lot and the size range is great! Marte is doing a revamp on the bigger sizes right now and hopefully in a month those changes will be finished! After the revamp of the bigger sizes I want to make a pair for Preston cause every kindergartener needs some overalls, right? Besides then I won't see his little bum crack all the time...he cannot keep his pants up for the life of him! Boys.

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