Teachers are Heroes

I love all of my kids teachers. They work so hard and do a great job with all of my kids! In honor of them, and because my son Carter is having a bit of trouble with his addition and subtraction facts, I created
some flash cards for him to use on the teachers pay teachers website.
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I tried to buy some but no matter how many I tried they were all missing a few facts or didn't include similar ones (so it would have 3+4 but not 4+3) and Carter was really struggling with those. The other thing most were missing was facts up to 20. The flashcards I created are facts 1+1 to 20+20 I wanted to have a large range for practicing. He may not need all of these facts but I'd rather have them and be able to use them than not be able to.

I have the files on Teachers Pay Teachers and offer the flash cards 1+1 to 4+20 for free if you would like to try them out. Also today they are on sale for %20 off so you will be getting them all for around a $1.60! That is a great deal!! I have written in a few games and ideas that we use for my boys in the file as well.
Everything is on the site is on sale so go support a teacher, a hero and help your kids have fun learning too!

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