Merry Christmas!

For the next few days I will be enjoying my family, eating and relaxing. The next two days usually go something like this: We always go look at lights and eat cheese and crackers on Christmas Eve, oh and open one present (usually Pajamas but not this year) then its off to bed or at least a poor attempt at bed and then we all wake up early and open gifts one by one until we are done. I'm getting more excited the more I write!
The rest of the day consists of lounging in Pj's, eating all the goodies on the Christmas table, playing games and with the new toys, tantrums (you know they happen ;0) and just being together. No fancy dinners or parties just a bunch of togetherness and eating food we don't usually eat ;0)

I wish there was snow at my house but there isn't a sign of even one snowflake for Christmas! I hope some of you get to go sledding or make good ol' fashioned snow angels then go drink a cup rich chocolatey cocoa with cream and marshmallows...alright now I need some too ;0) see you soon!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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