A New Shirt for a new Year

New years is just around the corner so with that in mind here is the last Flashback Skinny Tee I made for Parker this year. A new shirt for a new year, its fitting isn't it? (pun intended ;0)

I used a shirt I found at Walmart, I know, I know but it was a dollar! I loved the colors and the feel of the fabric so I bought an extra large and cut it up then put it back together :0) 
Look at his dreamy eyes... I can't get enough of his cuteness <3

Toys to bribe him for good non-blurry pictures is a must now that he can crawl. I bought the rib knit for the neckline and cuffs a lonnnggg time ago and have used it a lot I really love it and wish I had a ton more.

My favorite part of this pattern is the neckline fit, see how there is no gaps and puckering at the shoulder part? I hate it when shirts do that and so far I have used a few different types of fabric (not to mention how I messed the last one up) and it hasn't done that.

Cute boy! He has  just gotten some new teeth since this picture and it has sure changed his personality. he gets into way more stuff now and is exploring everything, even under my cupboards! My other boys never did that.

I have a project that I will be working on and posting soon I'm way excited about it! Its from Compagine patterns and I am very excited to share when I'm through but you'll just have to wait ;0)


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