11 months with a flashback

Parker is 11 months old! I'm not sure when or how it happened but it did.

 I made a few flashback skinny T's for him around the time he turned 11 months.
I have a few more cut out to sew too but I'm not sure when that will happen, lol!

 They turned out nicely even though I nearly messed this one up big time! I sewed the binding on the neck only to have it be way, way to wavy and like the lazy sewer I am I cut it off instead of unpicking. I then sewed a binding on the neck so its a little bigger in that area than his other shirts but I still quite wearable.

 Even the back fits perfect and he is sooo cuddly in it I just want to SQUEEZE him! He's going to be spoiled alright, alright he Is spoiled, hahaha! Common I mean he is the youngest of four boys!

 One last shot of his adorable smile and his top teeth that are just starting to come in. Seriously. Can he get any cuter?
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