Sew Boy Christmas!

Its Christmas next week...NEXT WEEK! I am in shock it has come this fast! 
Well The Christmas part anyways time could fly by a bit faster for this baby to come :0\

Anyways here are a few of latest pins on my SewBoy pinterest board! I try to post new things through out the week and do a post on my blog with things that are not on pinterest once a month so you really want to follow both!

Onto SewBoy! 
Its a pretty random list this month that way there will be something for everyone!

This is a great tutorial for making a ruffled shirt for your dude go here for the instructions!

Not a tutorial but she does have a great list for anyone looking for some basic boy patterns, check it out!

Men's Bi-Fold Wallet ePattern & Sewing Tutorial
This is a tutorial/pattern for a Mens bi-fold wallet, we can't forget those grown boys now can we? go here :0)

Father's day Tie 
 Also for those Grown boys here is a free Tie pattern that way you can customize their Christmas look if you wish, check it out!

This is a tutorial for the sweet pocket on these shorts, go here for the awesome tutorial.

Beach Robe
A really great tutorial for making a bath robe out of towels be sure to check it out!

This vest is not only cute its also reversible and a free pattern go here for the details!

This site has a ton of free animal patterns so if you want to whip one up before Christmas go here!

Also be sure to check out my free patterns for boys page I add quite often and do not post those on pinterest so check it out!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy time with family, friends and people you care about!

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