Christmas Cookies

Every year at this time we try to do Christmas sugar cookies and ginger bread houses. I wasn't sure if it would happen this year but thanks to packaged mixes we did it!

 I bought one of those sugar cookie mixes from the grocery store and just added water the boys really had fun and didn't even notice they weren't homemade! Yes my boys like to use their play dough rolling pin when we make cookies, oh well!

 This year Preston actually did everything on his own (mostly).

 Broc is an old pro and I only had to help him a few times, it was really, really nice!

 Carter is my boy that likes to do everything on his own and I barely helped him too! This stage in theirs lives is really great they can do most everything without a ton of help. Pretty soon we will have another little dude to help so I'm enjoying the big kid stage while I can ;0)

 Frosting... every kids favorite part! They ate more than  got on the cookies but I only make these once a year so no biggie.

Their beautiful creations!
Sometimes I think I try too hard and I have to remind myself that its ok to use mixes and store bought frosting. Its ok that their cookies don't look magazine worthy or even very Christmasy. They are kids and will only remember that we had fun and guess what? Because I was so much more laid back this year it actually was fun!


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