Gray Nowhere Man pants

Preston needed new pants really bad and I was so close to buying some when it hit me I can make some!
So I pulled out Shwin's nowhere man pants pattern and set to work!

Preston immediately loved them and put them right on so I knew we had to take pictures asap or they might not be in good condition later because love=stains, holes and a multitude of other things!

 He isn't quite as slim as my oldest so I was curious how the waist would fit as I've had some questions since making Broc's about the fit being small. I can tell you that the waist runs a bit small since Preston is usually a 3 in waist and 4 in length (for patterns anyways) and in these pants although he was sized as a 3 they are  tight in the waist and he has a hard time pulling them on. The fit is fine everywhere else though.

I would definitely add some to the waist if your kids are not very slim or even normal sized its better to have them a bit big and room to make smaller than not. My kids are all skinny and need slims in normal clothing just to give you a reference.

Despite them being small in the waist I would definitely recommend this pattern it can be so basic and easy or more advanced. Plus both pairs I have made have been one of my boys favorite pants!

 I added some knee patches underneath so make them last longer than a day. Boys at this age go through pants in the knee like no other!

They are reinforced with 2 layers of flannel that I "quilted" over on the top side. the pants are made out of a nice linen blend and very comfy if not a bit thin for rambunctious boys pants so the extra strength will hopefully help!

Here is a very simple explanation on how I did the knees:
1. First measure where your child's knee will hit. I used some well worn in the knee pants and laid them on top of the pattern piece to get an idea and marked it.
2. Get your fabric you will use as reinforcement ready, serge or zigzag the raw edges. I used 2 layers of flannel, it doesn't matter what the fabric looks like as no one will see it.
3. You want the fabric to be a little wider than the pant leg so the edges will end up in the leg seam.
4. Then I pinned the fabric piece to the pant leg, flip it over and sew on. You could do it like mine in straight lines (much like this method), do circles or just a few lines at the top and a few at the bottom.

Note: Its best to this before sewing the pants/leg together.

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