Gray, teal and yellow.

My room is slowly getting done I need 2 more things to make it complete but it may be awhile before I get them! In the meantime here are some new shams I made for our bed. Our colors will be mainly gray with teal and yellow mixed in, at least that's the plan (0:

 The old ones got bleached in the wash, grrrr I really loved them too. I decided to go ahead and make new ones with sheets I bought from Walmart, they are not %100 cotton and for this project I'm glad, it doesn't wrinkle much... perfect for us!

I cut a few strips of fabric2-3" wide, sewed them together and serged the edges. I used Dana's easy ruffle tutorial and will never do them another way its so easy! I used a bowl to guide me at first and then followed the edges in a spiral.

I had to pin, pin, pin and then took it slowly while sewing. They turned out really nice and I like them a lot!

PS. I'm learning to edit my pictures on Photoshop but I have a ways to go still! And don't mind the water on my bowl I had just pulled it from the dishwasher.

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