Sew Boy December 2012

Sew Boy is here!
There have been some great things going on!
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monster art carrier tutorial
 First up two bloggers, if only they would nap and boy, oh boy, oh boy!, came together and made a handmade gift series for boys and there really is some great stuff there so be sure to check them both out!
Police Softie Pattern
Here is a great back pack tutorial! Boys love bags too, at least mine do ;o)

Aren't these mustache dress up so cute?! My boys love dress ups as much as any girl but they like the boy stuff like firemen or cowboys, I know they would love these!

I saw these sweaters and thought they were too cute! Boy or girl would love these!

Here is a fabulous elf on the shelf tutorial/pattern! 
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Also have you checked my tabs at the top? I have a free boy patterns tab up there and I am constantly adding new ones so be sure to check them out! I try to only include ones that you can actually print out like real ones you can buy.

Here is just an example of what is in my free pattern links at the top:


  1. Thank you so much for including my bear hoodies to your list! I really appreciate it :) and what a great little round up.

  2. So I don't know where I've been but this is my first time hearing about Sew Boy and oh my gosh, definitely have my list of projects for the next couple months. ha I want to make everything! That backpack is the cutest thing, I want to make one for myself. And those bear sweaters! Oh my gosh my nephews would love those. Heck I would love those. haha, that little boy's suit coat is also the cutest. Seriously thanks so much for sharing these. because I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.


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