Nightstand redo

Before and after!

 When my husband and I were first married my Mother in law gave us her old bedroom set, I was very grateful for it and it has served us well over the last 8 1/2 years. But it has been awhile and we needed new ones, you can see that it is chipped and the color is old fashioned now and not the in the vintage way everyone loves.

 A close up of the handles 

 So I painted it! I used this blog post exclusively as my guide and I am very impressed by how well it turned out. It is a laminate peice and I really wasn't sure how it would turn out, now I can't even tell what it used to look like or that it is laminate!
 I painted the handles as well but I'm not sure if they will stay that color I'm trying to decide if I like the contrast like I thought I would. Any suggestions? I thought about brass but I am not a fan of it...sooo I'm kind of lost on that one.

                               BEFORE                      and                              AFTER

My whole house is under going a makeover, I seriously need a nicer looking house and this will be the first post of  "hopefully" many more to come on my journey to a more decorated/nicer home.

Oh and here is the dresser I got for $70 for the other part of our room. I really love it! I painted it too but it wasn't in bad enough shape for a before and after photo. I will most likey be changing the handles too.
I'm so excited to have a new room!!!!!


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