KCWC: days 3,4 & 5

First off did you notice my new page at the top? I have added a free boys patterns page with links! Mostly I did if for myself (selfish I know!) I often want to use a free pattern but I have to sort through all my pins to find the free ones, now they are accessible to everyone and easier (I hope) to find!

I started these pants on day 3 and almost had them done too....then I had B try them on, they were the most awful pants I had ever made him! I swear the crotch was down to his knees, grrrrr.

 I was fed up and tired so I decided to fix them the next day. Well Mr. P was very cranky, my kids just got over Hand-foot-mouth disease and he still wasn't feeling the best. No fixing was done that day or the next because it was spent waiting at the doctors. 

Here we are at today and I am really hoping that after two birthday parties and a baby shower I might finish the pants and maybe my pile of pre-cut shirts too.....thats laughable isn't it that I'm thinking I can?

anyhow sew boy Saturday will have to wait until next week!


  1. Isn't it hard to make the projects wait sometime? I hope you find some time soon! :)

  2. yes it is! I'm flattered you commented thanks!


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