Sew boy

 The train to cozy has a great tutorial for this cute viking hat, click on picture to check it out!

 I found a site that has free Japanese patterns on it! and they have some boy options too, just click on the picture to go! I'm not a good enough sewer yet to do some of them but if you are used to sewing and know how clothes fit together then I hear Japanese patterns are great!

 Here is a money cuff from lemony squeeze home I really love this my 7 year old is just big enough to need it, especially for popcorn and pickle day!
 PS. click the pic!

 With Summer well on its way and school almost over I will posting Sew Boy only once a month, but hopefully I will have more projects to share. I've been in a funk lately with not wanting to do anything I sure hope I come out of it soon!

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