Sew Boy Saturday

For a special treat we took our oldest two boys to see Cars 2 last night, C could not stop saying how much he loved it! It was a little corny (in a similar way to Toy Story 2) but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Speaking of things boys love I have a great round up today just for them!

Zaaberry has a tutorial so you can make these nifty bags!

The mother huddle has a great tutorial for making hanging fabric baskets! I really like them, a lot :o)

Speaking of Cars... Craft Passion has a tutorial for making a triangle safety pillow, so perfect for a car themed room!!
Sewing Safety Sign Triangle Pillow

ikaat bag shows how to make a smooth waistband , it really does look easy and makes a project look great too!

Eli's lid made her husbands shirt into a boys shirt, she has a tutorial here!

Lemonwood clock has a tutorial for a robot applique (really you could use it for any thing), go here.


Hope you enjoyed the round-up, grab a button and tell your friends!



  1. Thank you, Shantel, for including me in the roundup! And for inviting me to come see your blog. I don't think I've made a single elastic-casing waistband since I've discovered these knit-covered smooth ones. I'm so glad Destri (where I first saw them) shared hers when she did.

  2. thanks so much for including me!! i'm so glad this applique is getting some love because it is my favorite so far! (i know you're not supposed to brag on your own stuff, but i really do love it lol)
    thanks for visiting my blog as well, and i can't wait to look through yours!

  3. Hey its perfectly Ok to brag about your stuff! Your little guy is another thing I would brag about, hes cute ;o)


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