2 year pictures and baby pants

Good morning! How was your Thanksgiving? How was your weekend? We had a very much needed break visiting my in-laws in Nevada all of last week and came home late Saturday. We had a blast hiking and going to a chocolate factory (well sort of, the kids didn't do that great and it was not what we expected at all). Now back to reality. Isn't that the hardest part of a vacation?

 Anyways back to the post! A few weeks a go I had my sister help me take pictures of Parker for his 2nd birthday (even though its in January) since the weather was nice and I had made him some cute new pants (more on them at the bottom), I am very happy with how they turned out!

 He is at the fun age where he is starting to talk and do the cutest things, like kiss me over and over while squeezing my breath away or saying "No" when he means yes, haha! I am enjoying him more than my other kids at this age. I appreciate this age so much more than I used to, I mean the time is short when they are so innocent and little, they change so much so quickly! I couldn't wait for my oldest 3 to grow bigger and not need so much help at the time.

My moms backyard was a perfect place for pictures and there were plenty of distractions to capture his attention from the camera, haha! Me and my little guy <3

 When we pulled down the tire swing he had a blast but it was difficult trying to get a picture while he was leaning on it and spinning around and around! Ok on to the pants!

I have been using this pattern since Preston was little (here) and Really love it, it helps that it is free and one piece for front and back ;0) Its a wider straight leg cut which I love for this age since there is plenty of play room. They are also very easy to pull off and on for diaper changes. The size is 0-3 and 6-12 months, however Parker is in a cross between 18 months and 2T so I lengthen it in the legs by tracing down to the end of paper instead of the cuff line.

I always lower the front piece on pant patterns that use the same front and back by 1/2" so the front fits better but these look fine either way. I made up my own pocket pieces for the front and back by eyeing what I wanted. I used a flowery denim from Joann's but flipped them  inside out since I liked that side better.
So far I have made this boy 4 pairs of pants using free patterns ( two are here and here) and I'm very happy with how they turned out!

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