Sew Boy Week 10

Sew Boy Week 10
With Easter coming in about 2 weeks I thought stuffies and clothes would be a good focus! Who doesn't love to squeeze a handmade stuffie?

Craft with Confidence made this adorable bumble-bee and she has a tutorial!
Be sure to check out her ladybug and spider too!

Sew Grown shows you how to make a rocket stuffie, go here.

anitasplace made a regular button shirt into this romper,
here is where she shows you what she did.

I am in love with these church waders! Sew a Straight Line has a tutorial so you can make your own!

Patterns to buy:
Sweetshop on etsy has this pattern for little birdie britches, cute right?
Birdie Britches ePattern - pants for baby-toddler

Leila & Ben has this cute cap pattern!

Do have a boy idea or a favorite website/blog that has great ideas for boy stuff? Shoot me an email to tell me about it : seemesew84(at)gmail(dot)com

If you've been featured feel free to grab a button!


  1. Thanks for linking! I don't know if you saw Dana from MADE and Rae from Made by Rae's Celebrate the Boy? It's always packed full of awesome boy stuff!

  2. Thank you Shantel for showing off my rocket ship tutorial! I hope you get the chance to make one. I LOVE that truck pin cushion by the way. Too cute!

  3. Vivian Yes I have but I really need to look again, there was so much stuff I often forget what was shown!

    Thanks sew grown!


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