Serger Projects

I have to tell you guys that I haven't used my serger quite as much as I would like, someone asked me to help them and to be honest I really don't know all that much! I haven't strayed from the basic 3 & 4 thread stitches yet and sometimes I ask myself "why did I think I needed this?" But I really do like it and the real reason I use it is so my edges look a little more professional.

Here are two things I did with my serger:
We had a few towels that were very ragged on the edges, but everywhere else looked fine so I serged the ends and now they look as good as new, well almost.

All folded up and looking great!

B needed a few more pairs of underwear so I tried the T-shirt to Trunks tutorial and they turned out great! His old under wear fit on the waist but the rest did not fit good. It was like he wasn't wearing any because they didn't cover him! note to self: Never buy the cheap white ones again.


  1. thanks Shantel!!! I never thought of that with my towels, we have several that could use some mending!!

  2. I read it somewhere and I'm sure I did! my towels look a lot better now :)


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