Hole in the Knee

B has gotten soooo many holes in his pants this year! I needed a way to make them last and still look cute. I mean the rest of the pants are fine, except the knee!

Start with a scrap piece of denim, a sew-able iron on patch or some other sturdy fabric you have on hand. If you are using regular fabric you need to serge the edges or zig-zag them, so there won't be any fraying.

(not shown)Pin your patch where you want it on the inside, I just slip it in with my hand down through the waist and put it in place without turning inside-out.

Next wedge you pants under the needle, make sure you don't have the back of your leg under there too, you only want the top and your patch to be sewn. I usually unbutton the waist and wiggle the pants down to the knee. It may seem frusterating at first.
If you have a free arm on your sewing machine you will have a lot easier time than I did!

Flatten, make sure its straight and sew random lines. You can back-stitch if you want when you reach where you want to end, or you can put the needle down into the fabric and turn.

See all the random lines and how I went all over? I try to stay with in the size of the patch underneath.

Feel free to do as many lines as you want! I usually do more but we were running late for school so this had to do ;o)

Here are some I made for my little sis. She wanted gingham fabric for her patches for a more fashioned look. I had to use 4 layers to make it more sturdy, we also used red thread to sew the lines. I wish we would have done more lines....Oh well!


  1. Wow, those look really really cool! I never thought it'd be possible to make a patched up pair of pants look good but you totally proved me wrong. Seriously it looks like the pants came like that. I'm going to remember this next time I'm wanting to patch something up. Great job Shantel!

  2. Anonymous4:55 AM

    I will take fabric and iron wonderunder on it then iron that on to denim fabric. Makes it more stable

    1. I have found this doesn't peel off over time like an iron patch, but maybe I'm buying and using the wrong kind, I'll have to try that brand!


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