My small space sewing room!

I have had this post saved for months, but I could not find the pictures and my camera wasn't working right when I tried to download the pictures, so it has been delayed but here it finally is!

Last Christmas my husband altered one of the closets in our master bedroom to a sewing "room" for me. It is small but just big enough I can sit at my seat and close the door if I want., however I usually leave it open...unless I'm hiding from everyone in my house 😉

Everything fits nice and snug! It has been really nice to able to have everything I need in this small space, and to able to shut the door! My kids kept playing with my things (before we made a this space) and it mad me so mad! Sometimes other people would come over, and not realize my sewing scissors are sacred would use them on material other than fabric 😠 Needless to say I really like having it put away, and not in the open anymore!

 There is just enough space on the table my machines are on to put projects I'm working on there. I have my thread above my machine on the left side of this picture (you can't see them), and with the peg board right behind my machines everything is just in reach when I'm sewing.

These shelves are on the right and above my head when I sit. I have most of my fabric, and all of my patterns on these shelves. The patterns are in that big red binder folded into sheet protectors, this has been the best system for patterns! I love that I can see each pattern so easily and that I can put it away so nicely. I also have a dresser in my room with 3 drawers filled with sewing things, and fabric.

I have added this table and it fits perfectly behind my chair and I can still shut the door! I pull it out and have a cutting or pattern tracing space now too. I seriously LOVE this table! 

So that is my little sewing space my husband and I have created <3 

 Do you have a sewing space?
Do you like the area you currently sew in?
What changes would you make if you could?