We are having a girl!

We are having a girl! We couldn't believe it when the ultrasound tech told us but she assured us she had checked 4-5 times before mentioning it since she knew we had 4 boys at home. We were shocked and honestly I"m only now beginning to maybe believe it!

I don't know how to feel...it has been so long a desire that now I feel unworthy or something to actually be so blessed!
Jerome is very excited, he was more so than I ever imagined, he was posting on Facebook before we even left the office!
The boys were shocked and their reaction at first was "What do we do with her?!" "We don't need a girl!" But quickly it has changed and they are getting pretty excited :0) I hope she never feels unwanted because of their reactions, because they are very excited, they just never expected to have a sister.
I'm still in shock but I have begun sewing some little things for her and been window shopping but I'm still very hesitant in knowing for sure it is a girl. We haven't decided on a name and don't even have a top 10, haha! We did have a boy name picked out but girl names are just not natural to us I guess!