Gold feather envelope shirt

Alright I need to prepare you guys for these pictures, they are too darn cute!
This boy is seriously a sweet kid and makes me laugh so hard, I sure do love him!
Ok, back to the post, haha ;0)

I have been sewing up a wardrobe for Parker the last 2 months and this shirt is one I really didn't think I was going to like that much. I mean I liked it because I bought the fabric but I didn't realize it would be a favorite.

Pattern info at the bottom of the post.

I love lap tees, also known as envelope shirts, on toddlers. They are so cozy and, if fitted right, they hug the neck in such a way that makes them look and feel like perfection.

The neck binding was done in the way I usually do it but for this pattern it really is best to follow the instructions for that part, I learned this lesson learned the hard way. The neck is not fitted the way I like but it is my own fault not the pattern.

When I pulled out the fabric and told Carter it was for Parker he said "Mom it fits him, I mean it looks like something that he would wear, like its his personality." I had to smile because that is what I thought when I purchased it as well.

The pants are the same pants in this post and fit like they were made for him...wait, they were, haha!
You hung in there so it is only fair to share where I got the pattern and fabric I suppose ;0)

The pattern is from the Small dream Factory its Free and listed in the Free boy patterns page. I have made this pattern several times (here and here for starters) and quite like it! I have noticed the fit is very similar to The Flash back skinny tee but is an envelope neck and the sleeves tend to run a bit short so I always lengthen them a 1/2 inch. One thing to remember is that you need to add seam allowances with this pattern.

The fabric is from Hobby Lobby and is a great knit. Its not terribly flimsy, it isn't as thick as interlock and is much stretchier than interlock as well. It looks like it isn't sold there anymore but maybe you could still find some in the store if you run! 


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