July 4th Celebration!

Hello everyone! How was your 4th? Ours was pretty good! The weather was beautiful most the day but it did start raining in the evening, bummer I know, but it did clear up! We worked on our bathroom and are just about done, yay! Now for our 4th celebration pictures :0)

We started the evening out in our favorite spot with pizza. Little Caesars is not only good but cheap at $5 a pizza it can't be beat when feeding a crowd. Parker as you can see truly enjoyed every bite!

The boys wore their 4th outfits I made and looked so cute! I tried to get on of them altogether buuttt that didn't work out to well so I'll get later and share when I do ;0) You can see my past outfits here.

I had to share this one of Carter. Look at his eyelashes, aren't they gorgeous?!! Its really not fair that boys have such perfect lashes and eyes, is it?

Quick fact and tip: did you know if you tell Little Caesars how many kids you have when buying pizza they give you a small bag of cookies for each one? They are actually pretty good too, like a graham cookie.

Since this is my blog I suppose I ought to share one of me, so here ya go! I don't do it often (no reason its just hard to take pictures of myself) but I've made it on here a few times.

After eating it started raining and raining and then some more, in fact they delayed the fireworks for 25 minutes until there was a small break. we almost went home but we were actually having a good time
 so we stuck it out. In our cars, lol!

then the show started and the kids were so excited! I was glad we stayed :0) Oh and this picture above is the best one I did that night of them in their outfits.

Everyone in my family that came to watch the show with us minus my older 3 and husband who is taking the picture.

Tell me how was your day? Did you celebrate the 4th? Don't you just love holidays with good food, friends and family? I sure do :0)
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