Stains be gone - the cool way

With four boys and an active husband I'm getting pretty good at hiding of getting rid of stains! You can see from previous posts that I've found things that work to get rid of stains for the most part. 

But occasionally I get a stain that is too stubborn and won't budge. Like this shirt for example, I love this shirt on my husband but the stain would not budge! It was very obvious and not wearable which made me sad cause I liked this shirt a lot.

So I used fabric paint and painted over it! I added a few other spots so that it looked more natural to the shirt (and to hide a smudge of paint I dropped, yes I'm terrible at doing that ;0).

 I used acrylic paint with a textile medium added since I have a hard time finding fabric paint in color other than basic red, yellow, green and blue. I highly recommend adding some to acrylic paint since it looks much more professional and doesn't crack. Make to sure to follow the textile mediums ratio to paint it may seem like a lot but it does affect how the paint will set.

From not wearable to looking almost new!
All you need are a few things to do this and you can use it for other projects too!
freezer paper for your design or you can free hand it 
That's it! Now you will have all you need for future projects and to cover any stains you might have :0)

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