Making stuffies with kids

My boys have been in a rut the last few months and things reached a climax of sorts 3 weeks ago so I did some soul searching. I decided that instead of disciplining them or having talks about how they could express their feelings better I would spend time with them individually.  Honestly its been hard, like really hard! Some nights I am done with everyone and just want them in bed and the thought that I have to be up for any longer with kids can be very....frustrating. Even so I have done it and things have changed. It seems that they needed my attention one on one, which I guess after this last year is understandable!

That is where these stuffies come in. I let the boys choose whatever they want to do on our nights together and a lot of times they want to sew stuff with me. We started with the brown doll thing (its called coco man) added a sting ray and just finished a dolphin. They are so quick to make and the boys have absolutely LOVED them!

Spending extra time with my kids at night has been really hard but it has also been good for me. I have learned a lot about my boys and their likes and dislikes that I only had an inkling of before. We have laughed and I've been grouchy  but we have spent time together just me and one boy and it really has made all the difference!
Is there anything you do to help get in one on one time with your kids?

Ps. There will be tutorial for the stuffies tomorrow!


  1. What a great way to build bonds with kids and the toys are fab mementos of those special moments!

    1. Oh yes my boys have been carrying them around ever since we made them and its fun for me too so its a win, win!


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