Sharing Saturday

This Last month has been busy!   First of all my husband, Jerome, started his Summer classes at college, we only have two more until hes done, yay! He also found a teaching job at a local high school that will start in August which I am super happy about! Things will be tight but at least we will have an income again and not be living off loans.

My oldest two boys have birthdays on the same day (crazy right?) and Preston's is just two week later so we always celebrate them together. They love it and we have a big family party so its fun for all of them! I hope they continue to love it as they get older but I know there's a good chance they will want want more individuality as they get older.

Carter was also baptized he was so proud, excited and scared, he is my sensitive boy.

Jerome took the boys camping and it snowed. Ha! I was very happy I didn't go, lol! They loved it and weren't cold since they slept in the car. My boys are true boys and get dirty so this was a dream trip for them. I'm so glad Jerome had the time off of school to be able to take them.

The last big thing is that school ls out! I am so excited to have my kids home! I love having them home and being able to have freedom for the summer!

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  1. I am pretty pumped about summer too! I can't believe it snowed on them while camping. Brrr!


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