Flashback times 2! ~with fitting tips~

Here are my last contributions to Kid's Clothes Week! I had quite a few things on my list but you know how life goes and I only had time to finish a portion of that list ;-)
~Pattern details and tips are at the end of the post.~

We've had a rough week with our boys this week there was lots of fighting, lots of teasing and lots of yelling but photos like this really helps me remember the good moments too. Like when Broc helped Carter with his math homework without being asked or when Preston watched Parker while I finished up dinner or when Carter shared his Popcorn Friday treats on the way home from school (he hates sharing). These boys are good kids, yes, we have bad moments but they really are some of the best boys!

Even with all of that contention Broc was a great helper this week especially during this brief photo shoot. He did a great job getting Parker to hold still by holding his hands so my poor excuse for a camera wouldn't make everything blurry ;-)

I used the Flashback Skinny Tee for both boys. 
Parker was straight up a size 12 months it fits spot on and I think it may stay that way through the summer.

For Broc his chest measurements fell perfectly in the 7/8 size range (his chest is 26" and the 7/8 calls for 26.5") and the length was falling in the 11/12 range, however, after looking at his shirts and at online photos I decided to do a 9/10 (the chest for 9/10 is 28.75") with a half inch added in length. I am so glad I listened to my instincts! If this shirt were any tighter I don't think it would have had the fit I wanted for my boys. As is the pattern is made to be the exact measurement of the chest and with going up a size it gave the shirt 1.5" inches in ease when finished, which I think is perfect!  I hope this info will help someone figuring out the fit of this pattern since I could not find any information anywhere about it.

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