~Free Bib Pattern~

My sewing of late has been the kind brought on by necessity fixing holes in pants, adding sleeves, making bibs for the babe and that sort of thing. I was going to make my own bib pattern and share for everyone to use but have you looked around for a bib pattern lately? They are everywhere. Everywhere! I found one that I really liked the look of and made one to see if it was really as good as the one in my head. It was, so I proceeded to make 3 more.

The pattern is here. There is a laminated version and a reversible one but I kind of combined the two for my reversible bib with a front pocket. I am in love with this pattern! It was easy and fits perfect.

Parker actually likes it too, which is kind of a miracle for any bib. I made the toddler size since he is in a size 12 months and as you can see the bib fits great. I'm really glad I found this pattern as most I have found didn't include a pocket (which I could have added easily enough but now I don't have to) or they were the kind where I had to sign up for something or were just too small. This pattern had it all for free and was easy, my two favorite things!

 PS. I bought this pattern a year or so ago and was pleasantly surprised to find that it now goes up to a size 12 years! I am so excited that they upped the sizing on not just this pattern but all of them. I emailed the shop and they happily sent me an update with the larger sizing, at no cost!

Image 1 
 After finding this out I signed up as an affiliate (which means I get a small commission for any pattern bought through this blog) and bought a pattern. I used to love their patterns but they only went up to a size 8 so I kind of mentally crossed it off my list when Broc grew out of that size. I am excited that now their patterns will last much longer for all my boys to wear :0)

http://memoriesbythemile.comhttp://nap-timecreations.com, http://www.sugarbeecrafts.com, http://ladybug-blessings.com/, http://www.amynewnostalgia.com/, www.abowlfulloflemons.ne


  1. These look great, just what I need! I think my favourite one is the denim bib. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Elisa, that one is my favorite too! And it holds the wetness, that inevitable happens while eating, better as well :o


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