Holiday Quilt

A few weeks ago I made this quilt and after seeing it my Mom asked to purchase it. I'm really glad she did since this is the quilt my Dad used up until his death last week. It will always be a reminder of those sweet last days with him, caring for him and enjoying his presence as long as I could.

 I didn't follow a pattern or anything its purely my imagination ;0) I have gotten where I am starting to enjoy piecing quilts more than I used to and I think I'll be making a few more this year. the part that is still not as enjoyable is the binding and actual quilting of the quilt. I think as I get more practice I'll enoy it more but I'm still very much a beginner!

I absolutely love the quilt lines on the back! Its far from perfect but I love the charm of imperfection. I couldn't decide if I should do a white backing or not but I'm SO glad I did it really makes the binding Pop and is very classic looking.

I purchased a holiday charm pack quite awhile ago and this one is, sadly, no longer available. Amazon does have some that are similar in coloring or ones I think are just pretty (affiliate links) here, here and here.

The binding is my favorite part (it was also the most infuriating as nothing went right while sewing it on) I love the stitch I used its so pretty and much better than a simple straight stitch.
Now that my Dad used and loved this quilt I  kinda want it back ;0) but I'll enjoy going to my mom's and seeing there knowing it comforted him in his last days.
 Thank you everyone for your sweet comments/emails about my Dad when I posted earlier what we were dealing with! It was much appreciated.
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