Dresses in pink

Here are the other two dresses I made for my nieces!
 I used the little geranium for Daisy and I love it! The dress turned out so cute on her, I wish I had some pictures to share but I didn't manage to get any :0( Oh and that little blurry spot was from a smudge on my lens I didn't realize was there until way to late.

 The little geranium doesn't come with a sleeve option since its a free pattern but I found out that the modern baby doll top sleeve worked perfect when I shrunk it down to 72%. I did add an inch in the sleeve length but otherwise it fit like it was made for it!

I didn't change anything on this dress except to lengthen it a bit and I used a 1/4" seam allowance instead of 3/8" and it fit her perfectly! She was in about 3-6 months in store bought for reference.

 For June I again used the Modern Babydoll top and I really love the fit!

 Pardon the smudge again!
I didn't do a zipper like it called for, I added 1" in the sleeve, added 2" to the bodice and lengthened the skirt, hmmm that was more changes than I realized, lol! Otherwise I did everything basically like the pattern called for. I think I should have used the 1/2" seam allowance because the fit wasn't as perfect as I would have liked but Boston said it fit great so maybe its just me being super picky.
It was so fun to sew these up! 
What patterns would you use for a girl if you could?
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  1. awww this turned out so cute!! thanks for sharing a the Create Link Inspire party!


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