random projects are best

I made Broc some Clean slate shorts but I needed to add several inches and about a 1/2" of seam allowance since he is now in a 12 slim...It didn't end up working long term since these are now too short for him and fit Carter perfect, oh well win some lose some at least i have 3 other boys they can get passed on to if I make it too small hahaha!

My nephew recently got his Eagle award for scouts and my husband made him a deal that he would get him a customized shirt if he finished.

 So I got to work using freezer paper and made this template and voila he had his special shirt! I actually bought a special craft knife this one (affiliate link) if you curious and it was SO much easier to do freezer paper stenciling! I really might do some more shirts now!

 I was going to do a tutorial but this is as far as I got, lol!

 I also made Parker some swim Trunks. We decided to go swimming and 20 minutes before we left I realized I didn't have a swim suit for Parker so I grabbed one that was too small for my boys and roughly measured it to some of his shorts that fit, cut off the extra and sewed it up. it seriously took like 10 minutes and it actually worked! That doesn't always happen.
 See? he loves it!

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  1. Those are some good projects! The stenciling looks awesome.


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