SewBoy November 2013

SewBoy is here! Can you believe its November? I am in denial but I can't afford to be, ack! I just realized a few days ago that I only have 6 weeks to finish everything! I like to give myself 2 weeks before the babies due date to be completely ready just in case he comes early. People, I hadn't done anything to get ready up to that point, yikes! Anyways with Thanksgiving, Christmas and a baby coming in the same time frame I will be a busy bee!

Here some things I found this month, I hope I haven't posted these before when you've been doing this for 2 years sometimes you forget what you've already done!

Here is a mini tutorial for a boys Utility belt, its really a run down of how she made it and what you can add but I love the idea and I know so many boys who would love this! Check it out! 

boy's bias tape tunic tutorial. 
 AWESOME tutorial for a tunic! I love that you can use cotton fabric for this top, think of all the possibilities? go here.

This is a really simple thing you can make for your boys tools or cars or whatever he likes to tote around. Its not a full blown tutorial but it is so easy she just explains a few things and its done, really its super easy! go here for the instructions.
 I love Ashleys tutorials and this a really cute way to add some dimension to your sons pants!

 No tutorial here either but she basically added biastape to the bottom of her sond cutoff pants to make shorts, super amart and I LOVE the way they look!

 This tutorial is a knock off of Feather Flights tutorial and I really love the way she does it go check it out here!
 Does your son or daughter need a robe for when they are done swimming? this is a really easy tutorial for making your own, seriously easy check it out!
 See you next time! 

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