KCW Day 2

Superheros are all the rage these days it seems and my boys have fallen for the trend hard, they dress up as them, fight like them and basically anything they can do as a Superhero they will.

I used growing homes free shorts pattern and i really like that the front and back pieces are different, in my experience those patterns fit the best. They won't fit until next summer i keep forgetting that P is smaller than my other boys were! 


  1. Did you find the front and back inseam/crotch lengths to be quite different? As you have to sew front to back, the 1"+ difference is impossible to ease. Help?

  2. I do remember there was something with the crotch.... I think I started pinning from the center crotch to the waistband so if there was any leftover ended up in the waistline and was easier to deal with.
    I do remember that this particular pattern used different front and back pieces which means they look different on paper and so will match up differently before sewn together but when sewn it will (hopefully) all be fine.
    I hope that's what you mean!


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