SewBoy August 2013

 Sew Boy August is here! Here are a few of my latest pins, click on the image to go to the source:

I guess the fact that I will be a mom to 4 boys means I will keep this up for a while! I'm excited but mostly I am having a hard time with it, I cried all day/night after we found out #4 will another boy. I hope that SewBoy will help me to be excited and get me in the mood for some baby boy sewing.
Anyways here some tutorials:
 Quirky Artist ahas a free pattern and tutorial for a toothless softie, it looks kind of advanced but I think it would make an awesome gift! go here.

 Here is a lapped hoodie for size 0-3 months it is a free pattern and the tutorial looks great too!  
Go here for slightly different directions.

Dinosaur Bag
Here is a free project for this adorable hat and bag! Isn't it so cute? go here for instructions/pattern.


  1. Ok that shark trick or treat bag is awesome! My nephews would absolutely love that. It reminds me of this costume: http://www.burdastyle.com/pattern_store/patterns/shark-costume-012013

    haha seriously how awesome is that? I wish I was 4 feet tall so I could make my own.
    I really love that you do this Sew Boy round-up Shantel. It makes me excited for my future kiddos someday. I'm sorry you're having some baby boy blues right now, hopefully it will get better as the time passes but if not, heck just think of all the drama you're avoiding with a household of boys (and later teenagers). haha no, just kidding.

  2. Thanks Haylee! I am getting happier everyday about 4 boys, it helps to have such understanding friends!


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