Life this Summer

Life has been very odd of late. I don't feel great so the boys have been doing a lot more unsupervised activities (meaning a mess), pitching in more and doing less outside the home. Anyways here are a few random photos of whats been going on.

 Mothers Day the boys helped daddy make a card they were so proud! 
(yes they dressed themselves)

  The boys surprised me by cleaning their room extra good they even made a sign (its taped on the top bunk). I was so proud of them they thought of it all by themselves and they really did do a great job!
 The boys were bored so we (mostly I) made a car garage out of boxes and surprisingly they have played with it for about 2 months! Why do I buy toys again?
 I had a particularly sick day and decided I needed to finish painting my dressers, why you ask? I don't know, I was miserable! Broc was kind enough to capture it on camera, all while I was wearing my worst and hadn't showered in who knows how long, these are the moments that are real people!

Our Summer feels like it has just begun but school starts in about a month! I know, I know where did the time go? Some good news is that I am starting to feel a bit better slowly things are getting done and meals starting to be made again. In 6 weeks we get to find out what we are having and I can not wait!!!! 
Happy summer everyone!

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