Sew Boy June 2013

Sew Boy June is here Finally!
While posting has been sparse here lately (while I deal with morning sickness) I have been pinning quite a lot! Here are just a few example of my recent pins:

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Now onto Sew Boy!

Diy skinny jeans
Small and friendly posted a great tutorial on how to make skinny jeans from an old pair, check it out!

Untrendy life has a tutorial to make a tunic for your boy, so cute and there is a ton of cotton fabric you could use for this!

Here is a tutorial for making a 3D cargo pocket, this would look so great on stor bought or handmade shorts, check it out!


Here is great link for anyone expecting a boy or looking for a cute gift that's easy!

DIY camping tshirt tutorial

I love this Camping shirt! It so so cute, go here for the tutorial!

I don't know about your boys but mine love comfy clothes and this yoga pants tutorial is perfect, check out the tutorial here!

That's a wrap, see you next time!

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