Easer Fun ideas

I thought I would round up some fun Easter ideas you could do with your kids this week! At the end of my post I will share some more meaningful ideas if your interested.

 How about making your kids a Easter Egg lunch? My boys would just about go crazy for this! 
there wasn't a how to but I linked where I found the idea

 Peeps on a stick this idea is sooo cute! I think I may actually want to eat them ;o)

 This website has 50 ideas to put in a Easter basket instead of candy.

 Jelly Bean bracelets would be so fun!
again no tutorial

 Easter Handprint art is always fun.

 34 Fun, Easy (and Cheap!) Easter Crafts for Kids  
 Easter Bunny mask so cute!

 Religious Easter ideas:

 Resurrection eggs: every egg has a token about something to do with Easter along with a scripture.

 Resurrection rolls you put a marshmallow inside a roll and bake when you bite into its gone!


  1. Those jelly bean bracelets are genius! Love it, and that Easter egg lunch idea is a cute one too. I need some kids, ha or a cute husband to do these things for. It's no fun doing them for yourself!

  2. It is funner (yes that's a word ;0) to do things for others, thanks for stopping by!


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