A little glimpse into our lives....

 Life with boys is a fun one, boys like to ruff house but have a sweet momma boy side as well.

 They will serenade you with music they practiced for a hour on.

 You will laugh when your son comes to you and says " Mom my lips got stuck in my water bottle" and thinks it is hilarious. 
(true story he gave himself a hickie with his water bottle)

They like to be good guys and bad ones occasionally. Its a good life.
 I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a girl then I see my 3 little men and I am truly happy.


  1. Lisa Muncy6:06 PM

    I'm new to your site and love it! My 3 boys are 6,7,and 9. It's a madhouse sometimes but so much fun! I was inspired to sew for my boys after reading some of your posts, so I embellished some polo shirts for Easter with monster appliques, pockets, buttons and tags. Matching pants and viola!! Easter outfits done. Next is a ton of shorts for summer to sew up in some great BOY fabrics I got at JoAnns. One of these days I'll make my own blogsite, if I ever decide to tackle that project!! Thanks for the great posts!!

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  3. Our boys are really close in age, mine are almost 4,6,& 8! I really do love having boys its always fun! Thank you so much for your sweet comment it really made my day!


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